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Wooden Warriors

Hardcover - 456 pages

"Wooden Warriors" is a taught, supernatural thriller based on ancient Native American folklore. The fictional town of Wyland, Wisconsin is overtaken as deities from the past wage war on the town.

This book is filled with graphic sex and violence, and is not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.


The Adventures of Rattlesnake Roger

Soft cover - 290 pages

Formerly "The Snake Charmer"
Ulysses Lyman kissed Death for the first time when he was three. That was when his grandpa keeled over in his blacksmith shop. One minute he'd been working, hammer fighting anvil, and the next second he was dead. Just like that. That same night, Ulysses' brother, Roger, foretold his fate. "The worst thing would be to be buried alive. You scratch at the silk lining until your bloody fingernails claw into the coffin. Shards of linen invade your lungs with each breath. Worms work their way into the coffin and eat your flesh, crawling in your nose and out your eyes, and before they finish, you're nothing but an insect-infested pile of dust." Forty years later, a dozen rattlesnakes bite the now infamous herpetologist nicknamed Rattlesnake Roger. With less than two hours to save his brother's life, Ulysses must relive countless adventures to find an antivenin that Roger has hidden.

This book is suitable for all ages.